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This year at ACI global we’re going to be on Stand 531! Come visit us and meet Colin, Jared and Jamie.  It’ll give us a chance to show you what we’re doing here at CrowdVision and how we might just be able to help you optimize your airport, and it’ll give you a chance to put us to the test.

Ask us the questions you really want the answers to. Challenge us to show you – not just tell you – what we do and how we might be able to help you.  We’ll be doing live demonstrations on stand, so you can see how airports like London Heathrow, Chicago O’Hare, London Stansted and others are using CrowdVision to optimize airport operations, use assets and resources more efficiently and make the passenger experience a happier one, from the kerbside right to the plane.

We’re not going to make any inflated claims about being the No.1 in people flow monitoring or that we’re ‘the best in the world’ – we’ll let the system do the talking and you can judge us for yourself!

At CrowdVision we’re about so much more than passenger flow or wait time measurement – we’re about helping you to optimize non-aviation revenues by getting passengers to where they can spend money: the departures lounge and the gates – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Understanding how long passengers have to wait in specific areas of the airport is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle.  Putting it all together, looking at the ‘big data’ and making operational and financial decisions based on fact rather than anecdote is how to make an airport truly ‘smart’.

This is what CrowdVision helps you to deliver.  We give you the tools and the data to start conversations and make decisions. Decisions that positively impact revenue, improve optimization, efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Data on one passenger isn’t enough to make smart, major investments or improvements. At CrowdVision we sample every passenger to give a comprehensive picture of what’s happening – in real time – all the time!

Come say Hi and we’ll show you how we do what we do.  Go visit with our competitors and see what they do too. Make sure you get the full picture of what’s being offered by each of us, and to make it easier for you we suggest you ask us all these four key questions:

1. What percentage of passengers does your system sample?
2. Do you just measure wait times (queue times) or do you combine data from various sources to give a ‘whole airport / whole terminal’ view that I can use to understand the operational efficiency of my airport? For example, what’s the knock-on effect in departures of a long queue in security?
3. Can you help me better understand how efficiently my costly resources, such as check-in desks, TDC desks and security screening lanes, are being used?
And, most importantly:
4. What is it that you’re actually selling me?

Come visit with us at booth 531 – we’re excited to meet you!

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