Amadeus invests in CrowdVision to help airports manage growing passenger volumes

With the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expecting 7.2 billion passengers to travel in 2035-a near doubling of the 3.8 billion air travellers in 2016-passenger volumes show no sign of slowing down. CrowdVision, Amadeus Ventures’ latest investment, is helping airports manage the growth, so travellers can benefit from faster check-ins and shorter security lines.

CrowdVision is an early stage company that uses computer vision software and artificial intelligence to help airports monitor the flow of passengers in real time to minimise queues and more efficiently manage resources.

CrowdVision announces second European location

The leading provider of hardware-agnostic crowd and people movement solutions, CrowdVision, is pleased to announce the opening of their second European location, in Belfast Northern Ireland. This new location will focus on driving customer-focused, high quality data analytics and will extend and complement the technical capacity provided from the London headquarters. On the 1st February 2018, CrowdVision opened its new office and over the next couple of months will be building an initial team of nine (9) people.

CrowdVision launches at Jersey Airport

Ports of Jersey has been considering further opportunities to enhance its overall air passenger journey experience at Jersey Airport and have selected CrowdVision technology to help achieve this.

Ports of Jersey will use CrowdVision to accurately manage its passenger movements and enhance their experience in both real time and over time. CrowdVision’s Machine Vision Enabled Passenger Analytics Solution will be used to help minimise passenger wait times, inform constructive conversations with airport service providers and optimise asset utilisation.

London City Airport significantly extends their CrowdVision deployment

Serving nearly 5 million high-value passengers a year, London City Airport (LCY) is strategically important in providing a fast and effective way to access the heart of UK’s capital. Its proud claim is to get passengers curb-to-gate in 20 minutes and gate-to-curb in 15 minutes. Which other capital city airport globally can make that claim – and prove it?

The claim can be made confidently because the London City team has relentlessly measured journey times for every passenger every second of every day over the last 3 years using CrowdVision technology.

How to fix an airport (and double its value)

Last year, Global Infrastructure Partners sold London City Airport for £2 billion (USD2.5 billion), more than doubling its 10-year investment. It did that by…



GIP operations guru Bill Woodburn tapped fellow engineers from General Electric and Stanley Black & Decker—executives skilled in industrial processes, not necessarily airports.



A phalanx of kiosks (£16,795) allows passengers to check in,

Stansted Airport, part of M.A.G and UK’s 4th-busiest airport, deploys CrowdVision

Stansted Airport, part of M.A.G and the fourth busiest airport in the UK, has deployed CrowdVision to improve passenger experience in real time. CrowdVision’s video analytics based passenger tracking solution will be used to enable more effective queue management airport-wide, with the additional goals of increasing efficiency as well as Stansted’s non-aeronautical revenues.

By using video analytics and sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques to detect pedestrian movements, CrowdVision will provide Stansted with advance analytics about the whole passenger population.

How is CrowdVision different to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking solutions?

We often get asked how CrowdVision is different to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking solutions.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so please scroll through the three images below to find out how.

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To find out more about CrowdVision’s video-based pedestrian tracking solution, please click here

About CrowdVision:

CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company.

Collaborative Decision Making Across The Airport Process

Within the airport industry, we are at a crucial point in our evolution. The economic recovery means that global air traffic is set to increase and yet many airports, because of capacity constraints or outmoded legacy IT systems, are not in a position to cope with this growth. As an industry, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is being embraced as way of gaining the most out of our existing infrastructure.

(Andrew Shanks, Airport Specialist,

CrowdVision Wins at First Ever Airport Shark Tank

In front of an audience of over 130 airport leaders and prestigious judges, CrowdVision won joint first place at the Airport Shark Tank in Silicon Valley, part of the Airport Innovation Forum.

More information is available here.

Heathrow partners with CrowdVision to optimise passenger experience in real-time

In June 2016 Heathrow Airport Limited selected Crowd Vision Limited as its Passenger Flow Analytics Partner following a competitive tendering process. An extensive multi-terminal rollout is now in delivery with plans for further phased expansion in the future.

A successful trial of the CrowdVision solution in Terminal 2 / the Airport Operations Centre has already delivered early benefits.

The extended system will measure crowding, queuing and utilisation in check-in and immigration halls,

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