UK based CrowdVision raises significant growth capital

Crowd analytics specialist CrowdVision has completed a combined funding round which brings on-board significant US investment, providing a partial exit for the business’ early stage angel investors, including the Angel CoFund. This partial exit will allow the Angel CoFund to re-invest the funds back into more high-growth British businesses.

CrowdVision’s core offering enables a wide range of customers to perform live crowd analytics, tracking the movement and concentration of people from a standard video feed.

LCY deploys CrowdVision passenger analytics

When London City Airport opened in 1987 it was for hundreds of thousands of passengers, not the 4 million plus we expect to handle in 2015.

As a result things are getting a little congested over in the airport terminal, and some creative thinking was needed to try and make the most of the limited space available.

That’s where local technology company CrowdVision came in. Based just over the river from LCY in North Greenwich,

Can technology help avoid stampedes?

It seems the cruellest and most unnecessary of deaths – to be crushed in the midst of a crowd. But even in the 21st Century such deaths are still common, as a stampede at a recent Hindu festival in India, which killed about 115 people, proved all too sadly. Horror quickly turned to anger as the Indian media reported that better crowd management could have prevented the tragedy. But can technology also play a role in making sure that such disasters are not repeated?

CrowdVision looks forward to LCY Smart Airport Experience project

CrowdVision is an integral part of the Smart Airport Experience project being launched at London City Airport and announced by Living PlanIT today. Our technology will help the airport to measure, analyse and improve passenger flows, creating opportunities for innovation and delivering faster journeys and improved passenger experience.

CrowdVision’s unique passenger analytics capability provides airports with very accurate measures of passenger volumes and dynamics in every corner of the airport every minute of the day.

CrowdVision successfully raises investment for growth

London-based crowd analytics software specialist, CrowdVision, has closed a substantial funding round which will enable the business to expand international sales activities and execute product development plans. Investors comprise the UK Government sponsored Angel CoFund and a number of UK and overseas investors.

The company offers a highly innovative software product that extracts crowd insights from video feeds in busy locations, enabling customers to understand and intervene in their crowds. The software has already been deployed at scale in Mecca where it helps to keep millions of pilgrims safe as they attend the Hajj.

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