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Best-in-Class Computer Vision and LiDAR Motion Analytics Technologies Combined for Smarter, Safer, Optimized Environments in Today’s Crowded World.

CrowdVision, the pioneer in crowd analytics, today announced that it has merged with California based iinside, the US leader in LiDAR-based indoor motion detection and analytic solutions. The combined global company, CrowdVision, Inc., will be led by David Teed, CEO of CrowdVision, and headquartered in Los Angeles.

The two companies will combine their people, presence, technologies and creativity to better serve existing and new customers. This strategic combination will deliver best-in-class data, insights and solutions for smart airport and smart city solutions, including people flow and social distancing to a list of premier client organizations. These include over 50% of the top U.S. airports, multiple leading airlines and the U.S. Department for Homeland Security. The combined company has customers across the globe in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

CrowdVision’s merger with iinside extends its leading computer vision capabilities to include Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi and LiDAR sensors. By integrating multiple sensors into a single motion analytics platform, CrowdVision delivers the business intelligence required by facilities to optimize capacity utilization, operate more efficiently, budget more intelligently and improve retail and customer experience.

“The merger of CrowdVision and iinside creates an exciting new company with unparalleled customer reach and service,” Teed said. “Our company delivers the most complete range of smart technologies for optimizing crowded places, enabling clients to not only operate more efficiently, but also to assure safe distancing to help restore consumer confidence as facilities everywhere reopen for business.”

To assist with the global COVID-19 crisis, CrowdVision and iinside recently announced product upgrades to measure and report on social distancing, including safe separation and exposure time metrics. Thermal detection capabilities are also being added to help airports and venues screen for passengers who may have elevated temperatures whether COVID-19 related or otherwise. Both companies are already deploying this new capability with current airport clients to help them manage safety risks and regain passenger confidence. Airports, train stations, casinos, stadiums, shopping malls and other busy venues must now adjust to a new reality of monitoring and managing social distancing as a mission critical activity to promote public safety.

“Everyone at iinside is excited to be joining forces with the team at CrowdVision. There’s a high level of respect for their technology leadership and vision for creating a multi-sensor data analytics platform,” said Sam Kamel, CEO of iinside. “We believe the value of LiDAR for indoor solutions is just beginning to unfold. iinside is proud to be the U.S. leader at airport security checkpoints, but that’s just a first step in a much bigger journey. Together, along with CrowdVision’s team and global presence, the combined companies will deliver great value to all our stakeholders.”

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About CrowdVision

Crowd Vision Ltd is a provider of live, accurate and actionable passenger data and insights. CrowdVision software measures what is happening to an entire passenger population in real time and over time. This enables our customers, including airports and airlines, to plan better and act decisively to improve passenger experience and increase efficiency and profitability.

The CrowdVision solution processes live video input from commercially available IP cameras and detects pedestrian movements automatically using sophisticated computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques.

CrowdVision delivers live data about everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times, occupancies, and asset utilization. Live dashboards reveal actionable insights to improve real-time operations, whilst accumulated historical data provides reliable evidence for planning and investment decisions.

About iinside

iinside is the leader in indoor motion analytics for airports and other large public venues. Our iQueue solution uses precise three-dimensional LiDAR data to generate business intelligence for analyzing and managing the indoor flow of people. Our queue management solutions apply machine learning to help smart airports better manage passenger movements – reducing bottlenecks through real-time visibility and predictive analytics. We distribute our information through our Travel Data Services API Platform, enabling a range of applications – from ride-share information services to travel planning solutions – that can forecast wait times and estimate ‘time-to-gate’. Using our data, airports are better serving travelers, improving passenger satisfaction and creating new revenue opportunities.

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