UK based CrowdVision raises significant growth capital

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Crowd analytics specialist CrowdVision has completed a combined funding round which brings on-board significant US investment, providing a partial exit for the business’ early stage angel investors, including the Angel CoFund. This partial exit will allow the Angel CoFund to re-invest the funds back into more high-growth British businesses.

CrowdVision’s core offering enables a wide range of customers to perform live crowd analytics, tracking the movement and concentration of people from a standard video feed. This funding will be used to support CrowdVision, as the business eyes up the next growth stage.

The company was set up in 2011, led by CEO Fiona Strens and co-founder Anders Johansson. CrowdVision’s technology has a wide range of applications – from improving safety at events at the London Olympics to managing the flow of pilgrims at the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The technology has also proved popular with airports such as London City Airport where the company’s market-leading technology is able to smooth passenger movement throughout the terminal and negate bottlenecks.

Fiona Strens, CEO and co-founder at CrowdVision, says: “We see this investment as a real boost as we move on to the next stage of CrowdVision’s development. Anders and I will continue to manage the business and, like the CoFund, many of our existing angel shareholders are staying on to participate in the next phase of growth too. We thank all our backers for their support over the recent years.”

Tim Mills, Investment Director at the Angel CoFund, says: “Fiona and her team have built an innovative business, with international appeal, that has seen significant traction with customers and investors alike. The growth capital announced today has provided an attractive partial exit for the Angel CoFund, allowing us to recycle that funding back into new British businesses, whilst still keeping a share of future value growth of the business. CrowdVision is a great success story and having been involved since the early stages it’s fantastic to see the team given this endorsement to take the business to the next stage of growth.

About CrowdVision:

CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company. CrowdVision software shows what is happening to an entire pedestrian population, in real time. This enables infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience.

The CrowdVision solution processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras, and detects pedestrian movements automatically using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. CrowdVision outputs live data about everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times, occupancies, and asset utilisation. Live dashboards reveal actionable insights to improve real-time operations, whilst accumulated historical data provides reliable evidence for planning and investment decisions.

CrowdVision is headquartered in London. More information is available at

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