CrowdVision successfully raises investment for growth

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London-based crowd analytics software specialist, CrowdVision, has closed a substantial funding round which will enable the business to expand international sales activities and execute product development plans. Investors comprise the UK Government sponsored Angel CoFund and a number of UK and overseas investors.

The company offers a highly innovative software product that extracts crowd insights from video feeds in busy locations, enabling customers to understand and intervene in their crowds. The software has already been deployed at scale in Mecca where it helps to keep millions of pilgrims safe as they attend the Hajj. Beyond crowd safety it can provide accurate crowd counts, improve pedestrian flows and help businesses optimise their operations based on live and accurate crowding data.

Fiona Strens, CrowdVision CEO, said “Crowding is a global phenomenon of our time. Whether struggling through commuter crowds or soaking up a festival atmosphere, we all experience crowding in everyday life. CrowdVision provides unique, actionable data on crowd numbers, patterns and dynamics helping our customers turn a challenge into a business opportunity. CrowdVision is committed to enabling our customers to deliver Safer Crowds and Smarter Cities across the globe. We were delighted that funding offers exceeded our target, as this investment provides us with the means to execute aggressively to address increasing demand.”

About CrowdVision:

CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company. CrowdVision software shows what is happening to an entire pedestrian population, in real time. This enables infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience.

The CrowdVision solution processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras, and detects pedestrian movements automatically using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. CrowdVision outputs live data about everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times, occupancies, and asset utilisation. Live dashboards reveal actionable insights to improve real-time operations, whilst accumulated historical data provides reliable evidence for planning and investment decisions.

CrowdVision is headquartered in London. More information is available at

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