LCY deploys CrowdVision passenger analytics

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When London City Airport opened in 1987 it was for hundreds of thousands of passengers, not the 4 million plus we expect to handle in 2015.

As a result things are getting a little congested over in the airport terminal, and some creative thinking was needed to try and make the most of the limited space available.

That’s where local technology company CrowdVision came in. Based just over the river from LCY in North Greenwich, CrowdVision use innovative, cutting edge technology to detect and analyse real-time passenger movements through the airport via live-feed video.

The impressive piece of technology anonymously detects everyone, everywhere, all the time, and then runs analytics over each individual passenger to provide LCY with live data on passenger experiences such as queue times, journey times and area occupancies.

It enables LCY to measure its key journey time proposition; that passengers can travel from door to gate in no more than 20 minutes and from tarmac to train in 15 minutes. CrowdVision also generates a large amount of data that LCY data experts can use to analyse everything from door usage to planning workforce rotas.

LCY’s use of CrowdVision technology has provided the company with an excellent platform to grow and expand into other airports. They now have deployments at many other major airports such as Edinburgh, London Heathrow, and Dubai International.

Fiona Strens, Chief Executive of CrowdVision, believes the partnership her company has with LCY has been vital in its growth and development, “CrowdVision has developed a strong innovation partnership with LCY. This has meant that we have had the chance to develop new and exciting analytics – and LCY gets to benefit from them first.”

“Moving forward, we are currently finalising deployments in the Americas, as well as marketing to Asian airports. We want to have deployments in as many airports across the world as possible, and we’re able to do that thanks to what we have learned working with LCY.”

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