London City Airport significantly extends their CrowdVision deployment

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Serving nearly 5 million high-value passengers a year, London City Airport (LCY) is strategically important in providing a fast and effective way to access the heart of UK’s capital. Its proud claim is to get passengers curb-to-gate in 20 minutes and gate-to-curb in 15 minutes. Which other capital city airport globally can make that claim – and prove it?

The claim can be made confidently because the London City team has relentlessly measured journey times for every passenger every second of every day over the last 3 years using CrowdVision technology. The CrowdVision real-time data has allowed airport operational teams to take immediate action to relieve any blockages or excessive waiting. And the historical trend data has been used to improve plans, checkpoint resourcing, support capital investment cases, measure the impact of new e-gates and screening lanes, model changes to infrastructure and process and even support planning applications.

CrowdVision data has become such a valuable “utility” within the LCY estate that the deployment is now being further extended within both the existing airport footprint and as part of the significant forthcoming £430m airport expansion.

Declan Collier, out-going Chief Executive at London City Airport said “Over the last three years CrowdVision data has become a key part of daily life in the airport –  measuring performance, driving change, supporting optimisations and enabling us to manage our reputation as the airport of choice in London. As we invest and expand we know that the CrowdVision team will be with us: smoothing our growth journey, keeping our passengers flowing and improving our performance overall.”

Fiona Strens, Chief Executive of CrowdVision, believes the long-term relationship her company has with London City has catalysed a data culture and played an important part in creating a very high-performing airport. She said “We are extremely proud of our strong partnership with City airport, which has been proven over several years and will continue for many more. We’re looking forward to extending the deployment there and addressing even more use cases, with a focus on commercial performance optimisation as the airport expands and grows. We’re delighted London City continues to see the CrowdVision platform as a key driver of its own success.”

About CrowdVision:

CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company. CrowdVision software shows what is happening to an entire pedestrian population, in real time. This enables infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience.

The CrowdVision solution processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras, and detects pedestrian movements automatically using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. CrowdVision outputs live data about everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times, occupancies, and asset utilisation. Live dashboards reveal actionable insights to improve real-time operations, whilst accumulated historical data provides reliable evidence for planning and investment decisions.

CrowdVision has clients around the world and is headquartered in London, where it is the dominant supplier of passenger analytics to the London airports, measuring 100 million passenger journeys through London’s check-in, security, lounge, immigration, transfers and transit locations each year. CrowdVision has regional offices in Melbourne, New York and Austin. More information is available at or by contacting

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