CrowdVision Named As One Of The UK’s Fastest-Growing Businesses

A new report compiled by independent research agency Beauhurst and SyndicateRoom has revealed the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the UK.

We’re delighted to reveal that CrowdVision features in this year’s league table at position 73.

The report, entitled “Top 100: Britain’s Fastest-Growing Businesses” identified the companies that have increased in value the most since 2015.

Download a free copy of the full report here:

Stopwatches or Sniffers or Sensors or Cameras?

It’s a weird thing. Airports seem to be going to the market saying, “I want to buy some queue measurement sensors” and sometimes even specifying what type of sensor they’re looking for. The trend for defining sensor types (the how) rather than the outcomes, insights, analytics and data they need (the why and what) drives some of us crazy. But it’s a scene that’s out there so we have to engage with it. Here’s a CrowdVision view.

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